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“United we stand, divided we fall”

Change is scary, intimidating and downright frightening. Change is unavoidable. The only constant thing is life is change.  

Beneath that change and disruption is something much, much greater than all of the noise. Beneath that change are the strong women who have braved this wonderful trade. “US”.


The women whom regardless of religion, ethnicity or geography, must pause and make sure that “WE” are uplifting each other and striving to work together to make this industry a better place for everyone.

Heavy metal is not just for guys..

Our Mission

  • Challenge stereotypes and bias.

  • Forge positive visibility of women in Sheet Metal.

  • Influence others beliefs and actions.

  • Celebrate women’s achievements.

Our Mission

Our Vision

  • To be advocates for Equality and Fairness.

  • To create a Support Network for work related issues.

  • To provide training opportunities.

We Need Your Support Today!

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