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Self-care for a Tradeswoman

I could wax poetic about how important self-care is. We all know the struggles and challenges we face day to day in our jobs. The physiological stresses and the physical stresses should be addressed with equal vigour and taken seriously.

The first thing to go when we are under great pressure is self-care. In this short post I seek to remind everyone that self-care comes first and is paramount to success.

1. Eat well

Eating well can be a challenge when under pressure. It is tempting to just throw this to the wind but the saying we are what we eat has never been truer. I find that meal prepping is quite useful. Cook your food in bulk. If you are cooking rice make a large pot and freeze individual portions in zip-lock bags and freeze. Easy to cook meals like chilli or slow cooker recipes are also great. Zip-lock your excess and freeze for another day.

2. Vitamins and minerals

Having a good vitamin regimen can help you ward off seasonal colds and other infectious diseases like the flu. Invest in good quality vitamins. You have one body and you must treat it well. Most of our foods are not as nutritious as we would like to think. Even a simple multi vitamin can fill in the gaps for you.

3. Keep your surrounding clean and zen

Oh boy do I struggle with this one this one but coming home to a nice clean space is worth it. Your home is your sanctuary. No one can customize it better than you. Get rid of clutter and things that you no longer use. Create a nice ambience for your relaxation. If not your house at least make your room your sanctuary. Having a calm space will go far in keeping you centered in your times of stress.

4. Entertain yourself

Do things you enjoy with family and friends outside of work. I know we have a lot on our shoulders or at least it feels that way so breaking this up with other activities will help balance you out.

Schedule some fun time and some me time if possible.

5. Support

Having a good circle of support is very important. I sound off to a lot of my friends who work in the trades with me because they understand. They may not have a solution but a problem shared is a problem halved. Reach out as much as you can and as much as you need.

6. Exercise

Nothing elaborate. I find going for a short walk does wonders. If you go to the gym then that is great too! Exercise helps you take ownership over yourself and reinforces that feeling that you have control over your life. You will thank yourself for this. You deserve to have agency over your life.

Remember you don’t have to be perfect. You are enough as you are. Give yourself a break and enjoy all the little things. You deserve it.

If there is something larger going on do not be afraid to seek professional help. Getting help does not make you weak but incredibly brave.

Please share your tips and tricks for self-care


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